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Sustainability and Ecology

The best way to save resources is to not consume energy. When we built our hotel we attached great importance to a energy efficient construction with high quality materials and good insulation. Totally aware we used the hillside and opened the house in south direction with glass surfaces.

Our measures for a responsable handling with the nature:

  • Biomass heat station and low temperature heating

Wood chips spend cosy warmth. An optimated energy concept with low temperature, cooling and heating the ceiling helps us to save 1 mio. kg CO² emission per year.

  • Energy-concious with fresh air guarantee

All doors and windows are equipped with contacts, which avoid a unnessesary warmth and cold production.

  • Light domes, solar lamps und LED lamps

Conference rooms flooded with light and a perfect control technology with visualization reduce our power consumption.

  • Rainwater System

We flush our toilets and water our gardens with rainwater. Due to this measures we save 3 mio. litres drinking water each year.

  • Water from Retter‘s own mountain source turnes into „Water for Africa“

Instead of sparkling water which is transported over great distances, we use our own sparking water which comes direcly from the Masenberg. So we save unnecessary transport costs, emissions and cost of goods. We donate the proceed for fountain, hospital and orphanage projects to „Austria helps Africa“.

  • Organically certified Food

Our orchards around the hotel are organically certified since 1992. One of our biggest issues and our goal is to cook for our guests only with organically cerfified food from our region.

  • Styrian solid Wood

In our 116 Nature Park rooms you find only the best what our nature offers us. Cosy solid wood funiture, pure wool floors, sheepskin carpets, high-quality sleeping systems and power activation.

  • Wellness area „Bewusst Sein“

Natural materials such as wood, glass, and adobe enhance your well-feeling and together with the view into the canopies of apple trees they provide you with a natural foundation of energy to gently guide you into „Bewusst-Sein“. This authentic place will empower you with new energy.

  • 8 free electric filling stations

for all electric vehicles can be used by our guests for free.