• Seminarraum
  • Seminar Foyer im Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Pausenzone mit Buffet im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllau
  • Retter Quell vorm Fenster im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Pause auf Weitblickterrasse im Seminar Hotel Retter
  • Seminargäste beim Retter auf Weitblickterrasse
  • Wiege der Hirschbirn im Seminar Hotel Retter im Pöllauer Tal
  • Seminargäste beim Retter genießen die Sonne am Pöllauberg
  • Gesamtansicht vom Seminar Hotel Retter
  • Alter Weinkeller im Seminar Hotel Restaurant Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Seminarraum Wallner mit Ausblick im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Wellnessreich bei Nacht im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Fruehlingsstimmung am Pöllauberg
  • RETTER Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant
  • Fruehling am Pöllauberg
  • Die Blueten beginnen zu sprießen
  • Wellnessreich Retter Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant
  • In den Haengematten entspannen im Retter Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant
  • Gartensuiten mit Gartenausgang im Hotel Retter
  • Poellauberger Wallfahrtskirche im Fruehling
  • Fruehling am Pöllauberg
  • Fruehlingsstimmung auf der Weitblickterrasse genießen!
  • Natur genießen am Pöllauberg
  • Retters Garten

Day Guest Package

If you are planning a day event or a conference without an overnight stay at the Hotel Retter, then this package is ideal. You can enjoy best service from experienced employees to assist you with the design of your seminar and the selection of all delicacies we have to offer in organic quality for your nourishment.

If you are planning an event with overnight , you are well supplied with Retter's All Inclusive.

This includes

  • Use of conference room (matching your group's requirements) with basic room set-up
  • Buffet Lunch
  • 2 tea and coffee breaks with fresh fruit, fruit and nut mix (all organic) and home-made pastries
  • Drinks during the metting and breaks: Retter's apple juice, autumn-pear-juice, Retter's spring water
  • Free WLAN
  • Lunch Buffet at Conference Hotel Retter Styria
  • Team of Breakfast

Prices for the Day Guest Package

Price per person and day

Day Guest Package with all soft drinks during lunch

€ 58,-

Use of the conference room without any additional services (use only the conference room)€ 22,-
Day Guest Package