• Pausenfoyer im Seminar Hotel Retter
  • Pausenbereich im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Seminarraum
  • Retter Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant am Poellauberg in der Steiermark
  • Zimmerbalkon mit Weitblick im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Gäste im Aussenpool im Hotel Retter am Pöllauberg
  • Holzkreis im Garten vor dem Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Hausquellwasser und Bioäpfel im Seminar Hotel Retter
  • Hirschbirnbäume beim Retter
  • Seminargäste auf Weitblickterrasse im Herbst
  • Seminarbetreuer im Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Foyer im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Raum Rosegger im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Retter Quel als Pausenerfrischung im Seminar Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg
  • Fruehling am Pöllauberg
  • Fruehling am Pöllauberg
  • Sonnige Fruehlingsstimmung am Pöllauberg
  • Fruehling am Pöllauberg Hotel Retter
  • Fruehlingsstimmung am Pöllauberg
  • Unsere Haengematten laden zum Entspannen ein!
  • Naturbadeteich im Fruehling
  • Poellauberger Wallfahrtskirche
  • Naturbadeteich im Fruehling am Pöllauberg
  • Genießen Sie den herrlichen Weitblick auf unserer Terrasse!
  • Wellnessreich "Bewusst Sein"
  • RETTER Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant

15 x elected as the best Conference Hotel

When visiting us you may expect...

Quality and Enthusiasm

Our long-term staff is professionally trained to support you along all steps of planning and executing your seminars.

Retter for once – Retter for ever

Hold your meetings in rooms that are flooded with daylight and have free access to the internet. All your gourmet meals are made from certified organic ingredients in our fully organic restaurant, serving you from breakfast to dinner. Feel the energy at Retter, and our passion for our work.

Retter is effective

A seminar on our premises will turn into a gainful investment for you. Use the unique natural setting in the heart of Styria for your event, seminar, conference or plain old meeting. We are looking forward to welcome you and your guests!

See more about the meeting rooms and the Hotel Retter in our Photo Gallery.

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Virtual insights

Make the experience to see your seminar rooms even now - virtually. Just click on the suns and here we go.

Have fun!