Green Globe Certification

Retter Bio-Nature-Resort Enriches Sustainability in Austria

Retter Bio-Nature-Resort shows again that it is undoubtedly the leading company in the field of tourism and sustainability in Austria!

The hotel has reason to celebrate. The resort received Green Globe Re-certification in December 2022, testament of its commitment and continued work in the area of resource-conscious business and confirmation that its sustainability concept is on the right track.

Green Hotel Recognition

In 2012 the Retter Bio-Nature-Resort was the first tourism business to be awarded both the Austrian Eco-label and the international Green Globe Certification for its sustainable services.

In 2020, Retter Bio-Nature-Resort was successfully awarded exceptional scores once again by the Austrian Ecolabel with a rating of 260%, and Green Globe Certification with the hotel receiving an outstanding high compliance score of 95%. Moreover, the resort was officially certified as a Carbon Neutral Hotel.

Two years later, in the course of the renewed audit for the Green Globe certificate,  the Styrian seminar and wellness hotel Retter  achieved a great result: In the Green Globe Re-Audit 2022, the RETTER Bio-Natur-Resort has achieved 97 % with 356 out of 368 criteria fulfilled.

In addition to Green Globe re-certification, the property was also pleased to receive the Golden Flipchart again – an award for the most popular seminar business in Austria. The winner of the Golden Flipchart is determined by a ranking in MICE Advisor, a rating platform that incorporates feedback from clients, coaches and seminar organizers. In 2022, Retter was awarded Austria’s Best Seminar Hotel for the 19th time with a total customer satisfaction rating of 99,67 %.

For years the Retter Bio-Nature-Resort has been working successfully in the field of sustainability. All doors and windows are fitted with seals that avoid the need for additional heating and cooling. Thanks to a rainwater capture system, the hotel also saves 3,000,000 litres of drinking water per year and a bio-mass heating plant saves up to 1,000,000 kg of CO² emissions per year.

The BioGut and Regional Produce

The hotel is particularly proud of the organic goods and organic products they rely on.

Mrs. Ulli Retter, Owner and General Manager at Retter Bio-Nature-Resort explains, “We are very proud of the Retter BioGut, our organic shop located right next to the hotel, where all of the organic bread and pastries for hotel guests are made from regionally sourced flour and baked daily in a wood oven. Organic ice cream, juices, distillates and jams are also made with fresh fruits from orchards surrounding the hotel that have been certified organic since 1992. Meat produce is also worth mentioning. Here at our hotel, all animals consumed are raised using organic free-range husbandry methods.”

Certified organic regional food

The hotel attaches great importance on providing guests with certified organic regional food. In the restaurant kitchen, only local organic animals such as pork, lamb or beef are processed. Since 2014, Retter has been collaborating with the Labonca Pasture Abattoir and a private pasture with 100 pigs reserved for the seminar hotel. The animals are guaranteed to be slaughtered stress-free by the Labonca Pasture Abattoir, and ham and sausage specialties are produced in a phosphate-free and nitrite-free hot-frying process.

Continued Green Improvements

Over the years through its collaboration with Green Globe, changes can be seen in the ongoing pursuit of better improvements and new ideas within the hotel and at its organic restaurant. The hotel is a Zero Waste member and actively participates in the animal welfare referendum. The positive results in the field of resource-conscious economics confirms that the Retter Bio-Nature-Resort is constantly striving to enhance its overall sustainability performance.

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